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Custom Scents for all Areas

Liberty can supply and service a wide range of air fresheners for the home, office or any place you care to have smelling better.

Heaven Scent

The market for commercial Air Care has been dominated by aerosols and chemically heavy systems for over 40 years. Traditional methods such as these can create adverse health effects, are extremely flammable and can cause a slip risk due to spray, not to mention the effort and time required to fit refills. This means these well known products are often restricted to areas which rarely house people for extended periods of time. Heaven Scent controls odour and fragrances throughout areas both big and small through the use of Pure Essential oils. Zero chemicals are expelled and Heaven Scent actually offers a healthy solution to commercial fragrancing. The system is stylish, secure and extremely simple to operate. The product is so versatile and safe, it can be used in an endless array of situations.

Image of Air Freshening System

Omniscent Space Fragrancing System

The Omniscent fragrance delivery system is unique in its ability to provide continuous and consistent fragrance delivery to large interior spaces, whilst providing total user control of output and intensity, creating a positive user experience in areas such as gyms, reception areas and hotels.

One unit will fragrance an area of up to 500 cubic metres. The range of Omniscent fragrances are extensive and are created from natural essential oils derived from wood, fruit, spices, flowers etc. We can also recreate a specific, or create a bespoke fragrance, when required.

Image of Omniscent Air Freshener

LCD Display Air Fresheners

The facility enables programmable fragrance intensity, by allowing users to program up to 3 periods per day of enhanced fragrance delivery to suit location requirements. Higher fragrance levels can be selected at known busy periods.

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Image of LCD


Eliminate odours,improve washroom hygiene

Convert your washroom from an infection distribution centre, into an infection control centre.

Washrooms with offensive odours are a sure sign that they are unhygienic and a health hazard for staff, customers and visitors. Traditional cleaning methods only offer a temporary solution. Fragrances just mask the odours they do not remove the source.

Image of Air Freshener