Hand Dryers

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Hand dryers are an important part of washroom services. No matter if you have warm air dryers or paper towels they must work and most importantly they must do what they say on the tin – Dry Hands!

We have a great range of warm air hand dryers that can give some amazing savings of 80% over the running cost of normal warm air hand dryers.

Veltia Hand Dryer

VELTIA® an innovative hand dryer that operates without heating element. Operates automatically when putting your hands in the drying chamber and works based on high speed air allowing to dry hands in a very short time leaving on the skin a nice feeling of a massage.

Besides a great effectiveness, VELTIA® includes a bad scents elimination system thanks to ZEROSMELL® (sold separatly). VELTIA® is ideal for washrooms with medium and high number of users per day.

image of a washroom handryer
image of hand dryer

Roller Towels

When it comes to effective and comfortable hand drying, the roller towel wins hands-down.
Users prefer using a cotton towel above all other alternatives and as an added benefit, they don’t create any unnecessary waste in the washroom.

Image of Hand Roller


The XLERATOR® Hand Dryer completely dries hands in 10 to 15 seconds. By eliminating residual moisture, the hands are warm and comfortable after drying.

Not only does the XLERATOR® Hand Dryer dry hands in one third the time required by conventional dyers, the unit runs on 15 amp service. The combination of these two factors results in an 80 percent energy savings compared to conventional hand dryer use.

image of a black Xlerator hand dryer

American Dryer

The American Dryer sanitizes and drys your hands while purifying the surrounding air and ratted the greenest and cleanest hand drying method. Key Features include killing germs naturally on your hands, preventing internal bacteria inside the unit without filters and dries hands in just 15 seconds.

The American hand dryer also comes with adjustable sound and speed which makes it suitable for any location. The American hand dryer also comes with a 6 year guarantee and a average life span of 12 years.

Image of Hand Dryer
Image of Hand Dryer

Kangarillo Hand Dryer

The Kangarillo Hand Dryer is a pioneering eco hand dryer that uses a tornado of fast flowing air to blast wet hands dry in only 10-15 seconds. The Kangarillo hand dryer is made from top grade stainless steel and one of the ulitimate ultra-fast wall hand drying units on the market today. Recent major advances in hand dryer technology have given much more emphasis on high velocity air flow, minimising hand drying times and massively lowering energy consumption

image of a kangarillo hand dryer

Metro Towel Dispenser

Metro Towel Dispenser is a compact size cotton towel cabinet – ideal for smaller washrooms and light usage.

image of a Sgsem10 paper towel dispenser

Integra Towel Cabinet

Intergra Towel Cabinet is a highly reliable cotton towel cabinet, ideal for the busiest washroom.

image of an Integra washroom paper dispenser