How Clean are Your Bathrooms?

When it comes to keeping homes and public spaces clean and hygienic, bathrooms are your number one priority. However, what’s worrying is that even when bathrooms look clean, there could be germs hiding just about anywhere. Do you ever worry about what is lurking under the sink or on the toilet seat? You should be!

Bacteria are invisible, so even when a bathroom looks spotless it could be harbouring an abundance of germs which cause illnesses. Here are some facts about your clean bathroom which might leave you reaching for the disinfectant and scrubbers!

The toilet

Regardless of how often the toilet is professionally cleaned, all that scrubbing is wasted after one flush. That’s right – unless the lid is closed when a person flushes the toilet, you can expect germs and faecal bacteria to splash out onto the seat and beyond. Germs from the toilet bowl can travel up to six feet around the room! Furthermore, studies have shown that this harmful bacteria can float around the bathroom for up to two hours after each flush. If your washroom has a high number of visitors, you’ll pretty much be swimming in germs all day. Yuck.

Leaving the bathroom

With all of these nasty germs floating around in the bathroom, it is inevitable that people will take some with them into the rest of the office of their home. Daily Mail surveys have revealed that 62% of men and 40% of women don’t bother washing their hands after going to the toilet, so won’t be removing the bacteria. Where will their hands go after that? On the door handles and touching everything else around the office – even people for handshakes!

Research shows that after leaving the bathroom, there are on average 200 million bacteria per square inch on every hand.

Improving the cleanliness

If your washroom facilities are cleaned daily, there isn’t much more you can do to protect visitors to your bathroom. Education is the key – use signs so to ask visitors to close the lid before flushing and always wash their hands. Installing automatic taps and soap dispensers along with fast hand dryers can also improve the hand washing experience and stop the spread of bacteria.

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