How to Improve your Baby Change Facilities

It’s 2017, yet look around for modern, practical and easy to access baby change for both parents and you’ll be shocked at how difficult it is. Changing a baby’s nappy in public is stressful enough as it is, so business owners should make it as hassle-free as possible. The basics of a good changing and breastfeeding area include a clean surface to rest the baby on, a safe and private space, and adequate disposal facilities.

If you own a coffee shop, a beauty salon, a restaurant or run a community centre, then follow our top tips for improving your baby change facilities.

  1. Suitable location

First of all, consider the location of your current baby change station if you already have one. Is it easy to find and accessible to both parents? Many baby change facilities are located within a washroom, and if this is the case it is always the female toilet. Shouldn’t you offer dad-friendly changing stations? We live in modern times so don’t presume it should be a woman changing a nappy. If you are creating a brand new baby change facility then consider all locations – it doesn’t have to be near the bathrooms. As long as the space is bright and clean it can be anywhere in the building, just make it clear with signage.

  1. Secure, sanitised babyminders

You need to reassure parents that the changing station is safe, secure and clean. A Babyminder changing station is a well-recognised brand in the industry and will instantly comfort parent and baby alike. You should also provide sanitiser so the surface can be wiped clean before and after changing the little one. It can be a worry for parents if they can’t sanitise the changing station before placing their baby down, as you don’t know how clean the public area will be.

  1. Hygienic nappy disposal

Nappy bins are not pretty, but they are of course essential in a baby changing room. Don’t just provide a normal bin – you should install a proper nappy disposal unit with a foot pedal, which gets collected as often as required. Soiled waste should obviously not be left in the unit too long.

  1. Air fresheners

Make parents feel more calm and comfortable with extra special touches. For example, add a plant or some pretty pictures in the room, or even hang a mobile from the ceiling to entertain the baby during changing. It’s also a good idea to have some sort of scented air freshener so the room doesn’t smell unpleasant.

Remember, look after your customers and they will keep coming back – if you don’t offer adequate facilities they will go elsewhere.