Office Essentials for 2017

It’s a new year and a new start – so if you own a business you may want to plan for the year ahead and see how you can improve your office. A lot of things these days are labelled ‘office essentials’ – but what actually is vital to have in your workplace? You need furniture and items which are practical and help people do their jobs well. This could include features which help staff relax during their breaks and encourage them to stay healthy, in addition to the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

Here’s what we think should be included in your office essentials list for 2017.

Large wall planner

Yes, we know everything is digital these days and all staff members will have a digital calendar and email invites to meetings and important events. But sometimes, a real calendar on the wall in a communal area can do a better job of reminding people of the office schedule. It can also create a sense of community and people can add their own notes such as birthdays, Christmas jumper days, charity events etc.

Eco Hand Dryer

When it comes to designing a functional washroom, the facilities for drying hands are crucial. Providing paper towels can be wasteful, and often the most hygienic option is a hand dryer for public bathrooms. There are now many eco-friendly models out which offer ultra-fast drying power using little electricity.


By putting a little effort into your staff break area, employees will become more engaged and feel happier at work. Why not offer some games for people to play during their down-time. Board games which take hours to complete probably aren’t suitable, but a giant Noughts and Crosses game or Jenga could do the trick. Multi-player games will also help your employees work as a team.

Air Fresheners

Your staff aren’t going to enjoy coming into work if the office smells dingy or damp. It’s important for the place to look inviting, but also to smell inviting! Place air fresheners around the workplace, especially in areas where smells develop such as kitchens and bathrooms. Having plants in the office can also help to purify the air.

Healthy Snacks

Many offices supply free tea and coffee which can certainly be a perk, but it could be more beneficial to supply free healthy snacks. When people are always on-the-go at work, they find it difficult to make healthy choices. By providing healthy snacks such as fruit, cereal bars and low sugar refreshments, workers will feel more energised for the rest of the day.

We wish you success in 2017 with these office essentials!