Do Your Washrooms Make A Good Impression?

As business owners ourselves, we certainly understand the importance of making a good impression – and we know that many of our clients do, too. When you’re welcoming customers, clients or potential partners into your premises, it’s vital to consider what sort of impression your visitors will be left with. Will they be impressed with the cleanliness of your waiting area? Will they be amazed at the organization of your waiting area? Or will they go away thinking about how unhygienic and messy your washroom was?

Is your washroom making a good impression on your visitors? Let’s take a look…

Good impression

Here are just some of the things that can make a great impression on visitors to your washroom:

  • The basics done well. You might not have a technologically advanced or luxurious washroom, but if the basics are done well, your guests can have no complaints. Keep the floors, cubicles and counters clean, make sure all the toilets and taps are working properly, and keep your replenishables filled throughout the day – simple!
  • Eco-friendly touches. Many people nowadays are becoming more aware of environmental issues – and stocking up your bathroom with eco-friendly toilet paper or highly efficient hand dryers can show that you’re an environmentally-conscious business.
  • Having a cleaning rota on show and up to date. You might have noticed in many washrooms that there are charts on the doors which show when the cubicles were last cleaned. This gives a great impression – it shows that your business takes attention-to-detail very seriously, and gives washroom users peace of mind that they’re entering a clean and hygienic area.
  • Little luxuries. Show your visitors you’ll go above and beyond to make a good impression. Leave hand sanitiser or wipes out so that your guests can freshen up if they need to. Cushioned or super-soft toilet paper shows visitors that you won’t scrimp and save when it comes to comfort. Some corporate firms even leave items like deodorant, feminine hygiene products and hairspray in their washrooms. It’s these little added extras which will really make a positive impact on visitors.

Bad impression

Now for the negatives. If your washroom is guilty of any of these points, it’s time to make a positive change!

  • Messy areas. Toilet paper on the floor, bins overflowing, toilet seats askew… all of these little details make your washroom look messy and unappealing.
  • Empty dispensers. We’ve all been there – discovering too late that there’s no toilet paper in your cubicle and having to ask a friend (or even a stranger) to pass some under the door. It’s not pleasant, and you shouldn’t expect your visitors to do it. Empty dispensers (toilet paper, soap, feminine hygiene) give the impression of laziness. If you can’t even fill up your toilet paper each day, how does it reflect on the rest of your business?
  • Lack of facilities. If you don’t have any cubicles suitable for disabled visitors, if you’re lacking a baby changing area or a feminine hygiene product dispenser, it shows that you’re not being considerate of your visitors’ needs.

Thinking of making a positive change in your washroom? Get in touch with the team at Liberty Hygiene today.