The Strangest Things You’ll Find In A Washroom Vending Machine

Vending machines in washrooms are incredibly popular across the world. They give bathroom users access to a wide array of useful products and items, from chewing gum or mints to feminine hygiene products and even contraceptives. But some vending machine manufacturers have taken this to the extreme, cramming their machines with weird and wonderful items well outside the norm. Let’s take a look at some of the strangest things you can find in a washroom vending machine in 2017…

Toilet paper

It seems there are some washrooms in Japan that don’t even offer free toilet paper as a common courtesy! In some bathrooms in the Far East, you’ll need to bring along some change to buy your own toilet paper from the vending machine inside. It seems bizarre – and definitely makes you appreciate the comparative luxury of the free toilet paper we all make use of in the UK!


When you think about it, this one actually makes sense. Vending machines selling roll-up footwear have launched in the UK, the US and Australia, and they’re mainly used in the bathrooms of nightclubs. It’s a great idea for the ladies who struggle to walk in their high heels at the end of the night!

Hair straighteners

Apparently, this is a huge trend over in the US. In bathrooms all over America, visitors have the ability to insert coins into a machine and receive a small pair of disposable hair straighteners or curling tongs, for ladies (and men!) who wish to tame their locks before a big date or an important meeting. We’ve also seen washrooms in the UK offering a similar thing, where a pair of regular straighteners are fixed to the wall, usually in the ladies’ bathroom. Ladies can insert £1 and receive 15 minutes of usage from the straighteners before they shut off and cool down again. Handy!

Herbal supplements

If you ask the team here at Liberty Hygiene, we’d certainly say that any herbal supplement that comes from a bathroom vending machine would absolutely not be premium quality, or even fit for consumption! But it seems there are a wide variety of herbal supplements available in vending machines all over the UK, and indeed, the world. They mostly seem to cater to men, but there are alternatives in ladies’ bathrooms too. Many of them claim to act as an ‘aphrodisiac’, while others increase ‘general vitality’ of consumers. We’re not convinced!

At Liberty Hygiene, you’ll only find sensible, useful products in our washroom vending machines. Get in touch with our team today for more information about our vending machine services.