Which Hand Dryer Should I Choose for my Workplace?

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When installing a washroom, you have plenty of choice when it comes to the type of hand drying method to provide. Busy public washrooms need to have fast hand drying facilities in order to allow people to wash and dry their hands without a queue. If someone has already waited in line for a cubicle, they really don’t want to have to wait again simply to dry their hands.

However, there is more to consider than the speed of the hand drying system. The proper drying of hands is essential to hand hygiene and preventing the spread of bacteria, so the hand drying method should also be hygienic and effective. Then there’s the waste and energy to consider – some hand dryers consumer energy and other drying methods such as paper towels create more waste.

So, which hand dryer should you choose for the workplace? Here is a rundown of some of the latest innovative products to consider.

Choose a Hand Dryer

Cloth roller towel

Many people still prefer to remove water from their hands manually, with a paper or cloth towel. Studies have also shown that this is the most effective way of drying hands, and paper towels have also been found to be the most successful at removing bacteria. A cloth towel can offer similar benefits to paper towels, without the environmental impact. Paper towels need refilling regularly and produce a lot of waste, whereas a roller towel requires no maintenance as it dries itself.

Electric hand dryers

An air blower or hand dryer is one of the most common hand drying methods found in public washrooms. Some hand dryers claim to dry hands in as little as 15 seconds, which means you wouldn’t need to install many to serve multiple bathroom users. However, with this method, you have to factor in the cost of the energy to power the dryers. An electric hand dryer will be on and off all day in a busy washroom, so choose an energy-efficient model such as the XLERATOR dryer.

There is also some concern that hot air blowers and electric air jets could blow bacteria onto a person’s clothing or around the room. However, as technology improves some companies are ensuring hand dryers are even more hygienic. The American Dryer contains a sanitising feature that naturally kills germs on your hands while drying them.

Still unsure? Many public washrooms now offer more than one drying option, so users can choose their preferred method. There is no harm in providing paper towels by the sink and one or two hand dryers too.

If you need further help selecting the correct hand dryer, get in touch with our experts.