What to Look for in a Washroom Service

If you are an employer or a business owner, the quality of your public washrooms can have an impact on your workplace or business premises. It is important to provide modern and hygienic facilities, and you may wish to go even further to please your employees and customers. Most businesses have a washroom service to ensure the public bathrooms are always up to standard.

As with any supplier, you don’t really want to be tied up in a long contract in case the relationship sours. There are also other things to consider, such as customer service and quality standards. If you’re searching for a new washroom service provider, read on for what you should be looking for to make your public bathrooms outstanding.

Happy customers

Before you trust any company, it’s important to read what their clients are saying. Look out for extra special testimonials and happy customers which endorse the company and its services. Don’t just trust what their own websites say, read reviews on social media and other industry websites too. Do they have loyal customers too, who have stayed with the provider for many years?

State of the art products and services

If you want to offer your own customers the best bathroom, then your service provider needs to be offering the right products. You want a wide range of products to choose from which will meet your requirements, from feminine waste disposal units to innovate hand dryers.

No contract

How many suppliers do you know of who are happy to provide their service without an ongoing contract? Only companies who are extremely confident in their service will sign up clients without a lengthy contract. If you can find a company which offers a ‘try before you buy’ option or doesn’t require you to sign a contract, you can be fairly confident they won’t be beaten on price or service.

Industry leaders

You might not know much about washrooms yourself, which is why you expect your washroom service provider to know everything on your behalf. Look for a company which has a good position in the industry, whether they are pioneering new ideas or attending industry events. You don’t always have to choose the most well-known, national company, but a provider which shows an interest in the hygiene industry as a whole and stays up to date with current news and events.

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