Liberty “Twins” up with charity

Liberty Hygiene has always been ethically led, and is regularly on the lookout to make a real positive difference to some of our planet’s more overlooked causes.

So it’s with great delight that Liberty announces its affiliation with the “Toilet Twinning” charity. The Charity does great work in bringing much needed water and sanitation to those in need, across the world. Take a look here to see the extent of work carried out by Toilet Twinning, and the fantastic achievements which have been made already.

In the short time we have been working with the charity, Liberty has already provided enough funds to build 2 new toilet blocks for children, and, by committing to provide a percentage from our client’s future business, we are determined to create a hugely positive impact on the hygiene and sanitation where most it’s most needed.

We are very proud to have made this impact already, and hope our clients feel a part of the success we are aiming to achieve as we continue to support this fantastic cause. We hope you agree with us, that, although not conventional, organisations such as Toilet Twinning are incredibly important, and they do have a very positive, and very real effect on the quality of life of thousands of people.

If you would like to know more about how to get involved, please follow the link here.