Liberty Hygiene working with Moxy Hotels nationwide

Moxy Hotels

An exciting new hotel brand and an exciting new client for Liberty Hygiene

There’s a really cool new hotel name coming to a town or city near you.  Moxy Hotels have already opened in London (3 venues) and Aberdeen and due to launch across the country during 2018.  They’ve already got a worldwide network – check out their website.

At Liberty Hygiene we are thrilled to be working with Moxy.  Their philosophy of listening to what the customer actually wants and then delivering just that and even more, is how we work.  When you pop into the toilets at a Moxy hotel, you will be instantly impressed with the sweet-smelling surroundings.  We’ve installed some of the newest technology in Air Fresheners with the Oxygen Powered system.  These are aerosol and battery-free – a totally green option. Clever technology ensures consistent fragrance.  Units can be programmed to dose between specific times on specific days.

Into the gents and you might spot some clever stuff with the urinals to keep those odours at bay and blockages a thing of the past.

And we are looking after the ladies and tots too with our super sleek sanitary bins and nappy bins which are serviced weekly – keeping the surroundings up to the standards Moxy expects.

You might be thinking why did an international chain choose an independent washroom company based in London over the big 2?  It was really quite simple: they wanted to work with a company who were responsive to their needs for each location and not just produce a contract that in those immortal, if slightly amended, words “The contract says no” when a problem might arise.  They were also impressed that, through our network of trusted nationwide fellow independent suppliers, we are able to offer coverage of exactly the same quality from John O’Groats to Lands End.

We reckon a stay at a Moxy Hotel is the perfect way to have an amazing day (and night) #atthemoxy