A Clean Bathroom Means a Clean Office

Why a clean bathroom matters

As an employee, you would expect certain standards to be met when taking a comfort break. A pristine washroom that is commercially cleaned daily is not too much to ask, and staff should not have to be exposed to nasty odours either while using the bathroom. In addition to the cleanliness of the washroom, there should also be sufficient hand washing and drying functions so users can quickly and efficiently rid their hands of any bacteria.

Keeping a clean bathroom for everybody in the office shows the workforce you care about their wellbeing, and can also prevent the spread of illness. But how does it relate to the rest of the building? A clean washroom often indicates a clean office, but why is there this relationship?

Most hygienic place in the office

Many businesses know that typically unhygienic areas such as washrooms need extra care and attention when it comes to cleaning. However, it usually transpires that if companies make a good effort to keep commercial bathrooms sanitary, they like to keep all rooms clean. From the staff break room to the outdoor smoking area, a clean bathroom is usually a sign that the entire office will be spotless. If it seems like the washroom is the most hygienic place in the building, it probably is!

Encourages clean and tidy behaviour

If employees are satisfied with the washrooms and happy with what they have been given, they generally take good care of it. In a clean and appealing bathroom, users are less likely to leave a mess – because they want the bathroom to remain pleasant. However, if it appears that no care has been taken by the owners to look after the washrooms, users won’t think twice about leaving paper towels on the floor and tampering with toilet roll dispensers. A well-kept business premises encourages clean and tidy behaviour all around the office.

Prevents the spread of germs

A clean and well-stocked washroom can prevent the spread of germs and illnesses around the office. If the bathroom is undesirable, then users will want to spend as little time as possible in there – and neglect to wash their hands. However, if companies put some love into their washrooms, offering luxurious soaps, hand lotions and a range of hand drying methods, users are encouraged to wash their hands before leaving. Hand washing is crucial to preventing bacteria and bugs in the office.

A local washroom service can ensure your commercial washroom is a pleasant place for the workforce – speak to us today for more advice.