Disabled Washrooms – how good are yours?

Industry networking events are a great way to meet fellow suppliers, get the gossip on what’s new and entertain clients and staff.   That’s what we did earlier this month when we attended the CSSA annual Savoy lunch.  A great day with two outstanding speakers.  Here we are, Team Liberty – I think you will agree we’re having a great time.

(L-R Jack Bamford, Green Zone Facilities, Scott Marshall, Andy Young MJ Mapp, Mark Pollock, Julia Ferrant, Petra Nash, Jake Jugg, Stuart Brittle & Andy Higgins from Medisort and Victoria Allan, Bee Hygiene)

The keynote speaker was Sally Gunnell.  As you’d expect a truly motivational lady with great wisdom on setting and achieving your goals all delivered with style and that winning touch.

However, it was the first speaker that really caught our imagination – Francesca Martinez.  Apart from being ruthlessly funny, she had a message that resonated with us as a business.    Francesca describes herself as ‘wobbly’ but her disability hasn’t hindered her career in the slightest.  Apart from being an award winning comedian, she is a highly vocal commentator, champion for disabled rights and has challenged the government on welfare cuts.

Disabled Washrooms and what’s necessary

What got us thinking a bit more was not the fact that Francesca has faced her disability head on but what of the other 22% of the UK population who are affected by some sort of disability, many not visible to the public.   When they go out, just how accessible and user friendly are the washrooms?  Does it make an impact on their choice of destination?

The legislation can be confusing on exactly what is required and that’s where our expertise comes in.  We can advise on the necessary fittings including hand dryers and dispensers and how to best site them.  Here’s a fact – did you know that autistic youngsters can find a ‘normal’ hand dryer deeply upsetting.  We’ve got a solution for that.

Have you ever thought of advertising that your business has great disabled facilities?  That 22% of the UK public might find that sort of information useful when planning their journey.

However, let’s finish with some more chuckles – we’ve found this clip of Francesca on Youtube – enjoy!