How to Make Your Business More Baby Friendly

Did you know that going the extra mile to help parents with young children could win you more customers? If you want a family and baby friendly atmosphere in your store, café or business premises then it’s essential that you put parents and their babies first. It’s amazing how many businesses, even today, don’t have efficient baby changing facilities or aren’t welcoming for breastfeeding mothers.

If you’d like your business to gain a reputation which is baby friendly, then you have to set about creating a space which is functional for parents and caters to children of all ages. Here’s a few ideas you can incorporate which will instantly have parents returning and telling their fellow friends with children about how wonderful your place is for families.

Sufficient Baby Changing Facilities

If you want families to enjoy their time in your place and stay for longer, then five star baby changing facilities are a must. A pull down changing station in the corner of the ladies loo doesn’t really cut it. Patrons expect a private room to change their babies, which is accessible to both mothers and fathers. Bear in mind that parents might have other children in tow too, so provide seating in the baby changing area. The facilities also need a hygienic nappy disposal unit and you could also provide free baby wipes and nappy bags to make the process even more hassle free.

Buggy Park

It can be quite stressful for parents to have to constantly fold up a buggy all day. If you have sufficient space, why not have a designated area which can be used to store prams and buggies? A buggy park is a great idea in a busy place where space could be limited near tables.

Baby Food Station

If you serve food at your business, then to be truly baby friendly you should provide a station for warming up baby food and milk. A self-serve station is ideal so parents can manage the temperature themselves, but if you don’t have the space then you can provide a sign which lets parents know you can heat up baby food.

High Chairs

If you want to attract families to your food business, then high chairs are an absolute must. Babies and toddlers can’t eat at tables and chairs which are built for adults, so make sure you have a good number of high chairs available for use. They should also be well wiped down after each family has left.

Follow these steps and it won’t be long until families take notice. Simple touches can sway a family’s decision to choose your establishment over another less family-friendly place.