Large Space Air Fresheners

We wrote about Air Fresheners a few weeks ago and how important it can be for a business to enhance the visitor or staff experience and how smell can make that happen.  But what if you have a really large space, perhaps a reception area with multi floor height or a large auditorium?  You’d need a LOT of Air Freshener units to deliver a uniform level of fragrance placed around the space.  Probably expensive and probably not very efficient and much more maintenance required.

That’s when you need to consider a Large Space Fragrance delivery system.

Here are a few of the questions we get asked about large space installations which might help you make the right decisions

Q) Where should I deliver fragrance in the building space?

A) We’ll advise on the best place(s) to situate the delivery systems but with options that can deliver sweet smells in spaces of up to 6000 square feet from one device only, there are plenty options. Do you have an area where visitors congregate? You might want to consider this as a prime location.  Or do you want to greet them on arrival with a scent that represents your business and start them on their ‘journey’ with you immediately.

Q) Can I create different zones of aromas?

A) Simple answer – yes! Why not pop yourself into your visitors’ shoes and take a walk around your large space.  What do different areas signify to you?  What smell would be associated with that?  Maybe you have a coffee bar in the large space.  Perhaps some sweet and warm aromas to encourage the visitor to linger, sit down and order a beverage.

Q) Can the scent be delivered at certain times of the day or night and for only certain time periods?

A) With our fully programmable machines, this is very easy to achieve. Why waste your lovely smells when no-one is around.  Maybe your space is a reception area in a theatre only open in evenings.   You don’t need welcoming aromas during the day.  Programme the unit to deliver when your guest are there.

Q) What fragrance should I choose?

A) That is the million dollar or 1600 options question. We have the widest range of fragrances available with 1600 options. Something for everyone. This is time for some brand identity work.  Are you a fresh and breezy business that might best be represented by some fresh sea air smells.  But with such a massive choice, if you, or your guests, don’t respond to a scent, there’s plenty more to choose from.  Get seasonal!  Cinnamon, Apples, Pine….for Winter, Roses, Strawberries, Sea…for Summer.  So many to choose from!

We’re here to help you with all these questions and more.  We’ve already supplied Large Space systems to some of the capitals’ premier venues and they LOVE them.  You will too.  Contact us today on 0800 4320235