Saturday Shift | Customer Service

Customer Service comes first

We’re always happy at Liberty Hygiene.  We love our work and we love a challenge.

Customer Service comes first

We recently won a contract to supply Feminine Hygiene Bins and Air Freshener systems to one of the most creative, exciting and forward-thinking working communities in the UK, which manage a large number of extremely impressive shared office space buildings across London.  This is fabulous opportunity for us to work within 12 amazing buildings.

At Liberty, we’re always up for a challenge, and this transition was certainly that! We worked with the client to ensure the entire install was carried out when all locations were as empty as possible so as to ensure absolutely minimal disruption to the clients and tenants. So, we agreed that we would move Heaven and Earth (along with the units we were supplying!) to get all 12 sites, (over 350 products!) installed in one day.

The only day suitable was a Saturday, and we calculated that to do the job in one day, from start to finish, we’d need to arrive at the first site at 02:30….  Yes, you read that right: Two-Thirty – in the morning!

To make sure this monster install happened smoothly, we carried out full site surveys at each individual site (which in itself took 11 hours), we also arranged and executed an extremely detailed and specifically routed installation plan which would accommodate the varying access requirements at each site, and then had to load 3 Liberty vehicles to the brim with pre-configured equipment, ready for the early start!

And, of course, the installations went perfectly.

With a finish time of 21:45 we even removed, packed up (all 350+ items of!) the previous suppliers’ equipment neatly and stacked it away out of sight – “Why?!” you may ask…. It’s quite possible that at the end of a contract many of the Big Names in the industry will not be able to commit to an exact uplift date, which creates a real problem with products placements (as the old equipment is still in place) and also a crossover period causing confusion as to who is supposed to be servicing!

“But installing and servicing washroom service equipment is what you do, so why the fuss!?”

Well, amongst the smiling faces in that picture is the Managing Director, two senior Company Directors, and a company Sales Manager. They weren’t posing with the vehicles while the Service Team are hidden away in the buildings, those pictured carried out all installations, across all of the 12 sites.

Every single one of the Liberty Hygiene team work unbelievably hard during the week.  We ask extraordinary commitment from them and they deliver, day in, day out and they most certainly deserve their weekends to be with their family and friends.  We believe strongly in caring for our workforce, they need their rest and time away to be on top form every week to maintain the highest level of service as our customers expect.

But the jobs still need doing and our Senior Management have absolutely no hesitation in donning the T-Shirts and getting stuck in. We’ll do whatever it takes to deliver total customer satisfaction and if that means a bit of an early start on a Saturday, that’s fine for us. And we were still smiling on Saturday night.