A Perfect Partnership

How Liberty Hygiene teamed up with Medisort for a perfect partnership

Partnerships and Alliances are one of the best ways to build a business and something that we actively pursue at Liberty Hygiene.  That’s one of our driving reasons for being active members of IWSA, our industry body.   We go to as many events as possible and make a real effort to engage with fellow members.

It was through chatting with a fellow IWSA member, that we were introduced to Stuart Brittle of Medisort Medisort is an extremely exciting company which was founded in 2009 and based in Littlehampton.   We’ve admired their business from afar; their use of technology, customer service and staff ethics which mirror ours and also their commitment to the environment.  They have the infrastructure to safely and cleanly dispose of clinical waste.

As service providers to a large, and ever growing, number of medical facilities, Medisort are asked to supply feminine hygiene units and nappy bins to many of their customers:  one of our areas of expertise.

In our line of business, we need to dispose of tonnes of High Risk Waste every year.  Using landfill is not something that sits comfortably with Liberty Hygiene.  Our ISO 14001 accreditation is based on the company’s commitment to our environmental responsibilities.  That means, not just some ‘green stuff’ to tick a box but thinking through our entire processes and to continually seek opportunities to widen our environmental credentials.

It started to look like a mutually beneficial association could be built and it didn’t take long to work out that we can assist Medisort, as they continue to grow, with their feminine hygiene services and we could benefit from using their incinerator facilities to manage our High Risk Waste.  But what, for us, is the icing on the cake, is the knowledge that we are working alongside a business so similar to Liberty Hygiene in ambition, dedication and environmental commitment.

Our business tip for readers is find business friends who mirror your own values and see how you can work together to benefit both.