Introducing our new Client Area Portal

It’s no secret at Liberty Hygiene that the customer is No 1. We listen when our customers make a suggestion. We are always looking for ways to make our customers lives’ easier. And that’s not just by supplying a top service every single time but also looking at their wider requirements.

We’ve talked before about our ISO accreditations and how important they are to us. For those of you reading this that are also accredited, you’ll know that traceability is one of the keys to a successful ISO award. This is usually achieved by the provision of documentation from all levels of the supply chain. Keeping this up to date is essential but can be an onerous task for the Quality Departments with both supplier and customer constantly requesting fresh documentation.

We listened to one of our major clients bemoan this fact and acted with a few amends to our website and a brand new “client only” portal allowing our customers to access and download any documentation they might require, now and in the future. All we need to do is keep it up to date.

We think we are the first independent washroom services provider supplying this service in the UK. Indeed, we’re not all that certain that some of the multi-nationals make it easy for their customers to receive the correct documentation in a timely manner.

As we’ve already said, at Liberty Hygiene the customer is No 1 and we do all we can to make life as simple as possible for them. If you’ve got an idea of how we can smooth business life for you – apart from supplying the best washrooms services possible – let us know and we’ll see what we can do.