London Clubs and Liberty Hygiene

“Attenshun you **** lot!”

If you are lucky enough to step over the door into two of London’s smartest and most exclusive members clubs, you’ll be stepping into not only history but onto Liberty Hygiene entrance matting.

The RAF Club in Mayfair and The In and Out (Naval and Military) Club on St James’s Square are both clients of ours and we’re delighted to be able to supply them with all services including feminine hygiene, air freshener systems and the aforesaid matting.

The RAF Club is celebrating it’s centenary this year and indeed this month.  It was on 30th October 1918,that the first Lord Cowdray made a gift to provide a permanent building to house the Royal Air Force Club; and by the middle of 1919 the buildings, which make up the present Club, were acquired. The Piccadilly frontage was originally the Ladies’ Lyceum Club and was built in the 1800s, whilst the rear half, facing Old Park Lane, was stables. Between 1919 and 1921 extensive reconstruction took place, largely financed by Lord Cowdray.  Read more of the fascinating history of the club.

The In & Out (Naval and Military Club) is a St James’s private members club for ladies and gentlemen, and officers of the Armed Forces. The Club offers its Members, and their guests, a place of calm and sanctuary but is also renowned for its vibrant socialising and entertainment.

The In & Out is also renowned for its superb dining, banqueting and bar facilities and its fifty-two well appointed en-suite bedrooms.  The historic Clubhouse has two entrances – The St James’s Square entrance being formal and where a strict dress code is adhered to; and the Babmaes Street entrance that allows direct access to the relaxed business centre, accommodation, gym, swimming pool and the ‘Goat’ Bar & Brasserie.   The building itself proudly displays a historic Blue Plaque commemorating that Nancy Astor, the first female MP, used to live there.  The website shows the cub to its full splendour.

Both are amazing buildings and an honour to be contributing in our own small way to the comfort of our serving and retired service personnel.