“They don’t get much bigger than this” | a partnership to service Legal & General

Legal & General

We’ve talked before about partnerships and alliances and how they can build a truly strong business.    We’re also passionate supporters when we can, of fellow local businesses.  So, when Reef Environmental Solutions based in St Leonards on Sea, needed a partner to work alongside them to provide washroom services to one of the area’s largest employers, they came to Liberty Hygiene.

And in the slightly borrowed words of legendary football commentators and celebrity chefs, when it comes to Brighton and Hove employers “they don’t get much bigger than this!”

Legal & General offices have over 1200 staff on site in Hove; that’s a lot of washrooms to be looked after and they’ve chosen us as their supplier of feminine hygiene bins, Oxygen Pro Air Fresheners and Entrance Matting.

When it comes to fem bins, they should be fairly standard in ladies restrooms.  But ladies, how many times have you gone to the loo and been quite put off by an overflowing and grubby bin at your side?  That NEVER happens with a Liberty Hygiene cared for washroom; we service regularly to ensure pristine appearance and functionality always.

We’re very excited that Legal & General have chosen our Oxygen Pro air freshening systems as they are state of sweet smells art.   It’s fully programmable with longevity of up to 90 days per canister and a whole range of gentle yet effective fragrances to choose from.  These not only smell good, they look attractive yet remain discreet and quiet.

Entrance matting, especially with the coming winter months, is a must have for businesses with busy footfall.  Our matting systems collect the mess before it gets trailed through the building and allows everyone passing through to dry their wet feet to stop slips.  We can even get logos added to the mats.  Here’s the best bit though; we collect and immediately replace with a freshly cleaned mat at an interval to suit you.

Keeping it local to deliver to a global brand – that’s what partnerships and alliances can deliver