Liberty Response to Covid-19 pandemic

During recent months, all of us have been affected by the Covid-19 (Corona Virus) outbreak.

Whilst this is has been a difficult time for everyone, we at Liberty are working as hard as possible to maintain services at our customers’ sites.

As we are all currently dealing with the ongoing changes due to the outbreak, it is prudent for us to advise you on steps that we have taken to make sure we are as prepared as possible for all further developments. The number one priority to Liberty is the safety of our staff, customers, and the public.

Site Visits

Liberty uses iPad devices to carry out and record our services, which means our service staff have very minimal contact with customers, and we would like to take this opportunity to ask that you ensure that when we have a service planned we have access to the sites according to the regular service schedules. We have advised our service team to keep the iPad and sign off the calls themselves, whilst taking note of the customers’ name and position. If you receive automatic receipts of the service reports, please note that the signatures may not match those usually given.

Waste transfer

We have contacted our disposal site so as to obtain information relating to site activity and availability, who have confirmed they, like us, will remain operating in line with Govt advice.


Liberty’s office remains open and operational whilst we are still able, to maintain the smooth running of existing services, and to deal with the regular alterations we are facing. Being a provider of Hygiene Services, we are well placed to provide all office staff with a considered working environment. We have hand sanitiser stations and hand washing stations spaced throughout the building as per the Govt advice, and also are running a number of bacterial control devices throughout the buildings too.

Of course, we are at the mercy of the situation as it develops, however we will strive to continue to provide the services, as the highest level possible, for our customers and our internal staff.

We thank you for your understanding, patience and support through this very testing time.

The Liberty Directors.