Hands Free Door Openers – Liberty Hygiene partner with StepNpull®

When you are at work or out and about it’s a fact that you have to open a door probably using a door handle that’s been touched hundreds of time that day before you.  No matter how often people are asked to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser – remember washing hands is the most effective against passing on germs and viruses – there is still that unknown factor about door handles.  Was the last user as careful about their hand hygiene as you?

The answer has to be hands free door openers and we predict there will a surge in demand for these handy gadgets which allow latch free doors to be opened without using hands. 

We’ve reviewed the options on the marketplace which are either wrist, arm or foot operated and are now delighted to announce that Liberty Hygiene have partnered with StepNpull to bring one of the neatest, most robust and easiest to operate hands free door openers on the market.

The StepNpull can be mounted on any commercial solid wood or metal door regardless of the door size or weight.  However, a word of caution if the door is abnormally difficult to open, do adjust the door closer resistance.  The StepNpull is a low cost design which will last the lifetime of the door and is made of durable T6 extruded aluminium.  It’s easy to install and clean and customers and employers really do appreciate this added layer of hygiene safety.

How it works

 Have a look at this quick little video to see just how easy it is to use.

We expect demand will be high for this simple yet highly effective tool in the battle against Covid-19 spread.  Any premises including Medical Surgeries, Cafes and Restaurants, Factories and Office Buildings, Retails Outlets – in fact anywhere there is footfall and doors must look to install these. 

No more wondering just who used the door before you and were their hands virus and germ free?

Call us today for a quote and to arrange delivery of these simple to install hands free door assistants.