Client Update – Service System – NON-TOUCH feature

During the lock-down period, Liberty Hygiene has been working tirelessly to keep innovating to stay ahead of the curve. We have focussed on a brand new Service System which will have long lasting and reaching benefits for both the company and our customers

We are soon to be launching our new System, which (amongst other ground-breaking features) allows us to be the first Washroom Hygiene company to offer introduce a 100% NON-TOUCH signature capture mechanism – meaning our Service Technicians can capture and record a signature from anyone on-site – with absolutely zero risk of cross-contamination – and zero risk of having to break the 2m Social Distancing guidelines.

How it works

In simple terms, rather than the Technician handing their device over to an individual on site to obtain signature capture, we are now able to take a mobile number, email address or even a WhatsApp contact number – and send the signature capture directly to another device instantly.

The text, email or message is received immediately, and the recipient simply needs to sign the receipt on their own device and send it back to our Service System – where it is captured and stored on the Service Record.

No 1 in the UK

This, as far as we are aware, is the only system currently in place in the UK to offer 100% non-touch signature capture, and we are extremely proud to be the innovators of such a system during this time of heightened hygiene requirements.

As you can see from the image above, the system is already developed, tested and integrated with the Service System. We look forward to rolling it out as clients return to work.

Edit (Dec 2020): Now it’s working!