Liberty Work with WeWork

More good news from Liberty HQ!  We are now able to confirm that we have been awarded the national contract for WeWork UK to service over 3500 feminine hygiene bins and 1000’s of towels every single week.   That’s a lot you might be thinking and that’s where our extensive network of trusted partners comes into play.  We can increase capacity quickly and seamlessly and that’s exactly what we’ve done for this contract with one of our valued contractors.

Our ability to remain flexible and supply cutting edge technology and products to hundreds of sites across the UK and in particular across London where the company has a massive presence seems to have been the winning formula. 

Liberty is very well versed in handling multi-site contracts across the capital with dedicated teams who work to suit the client with discreet and on-time services delivered with a smile.  It might seem like a small thing or indeed not important but no business wants service staff bashing through a busy reception during peak hours dragging a pile of hygiene bins.  We make sure that never happens by working with the client to find the most convenient times for maintenance and the access that works for them.

Clean Fresh Air at WeWork

But it’s not just bins and towels.  We were able to demonstrate the fabulous EcoBreeze air cleaning systems and WeWork being the innovative company that it is, asked for this to be installed in their washrooms.

Due to the Pandemic, we are all becoming increasingly aware of the hazards of poor indoor air quality and the health risks they pose.   In fact, did you know that the air we breathe inside our workplace could be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air.  The EcoBreeze is an effective extraction and air filtration system that removes odours and indoor pollutants, especially in areas that have little or no ventilation.  The EcoBreeze units also emit a fragrance to create a tailored and evocative ambience.

WeWork are one of the most modern and innovative providers of flexible workspace and are growing fast.  A blend of private office space and hot desks / dedicated desks makes WeWork a really practical choice from corporates to self-employed creatives.  WeWork have also been busy re-imaging workplace solutions for these current times and you might want to read more about their enhanced facilities and procedures to give you peace of mind returning to the workplace post COVID-19.  They are one of the few office space companies to offer flexible contracts:  ideal in these uncertain times.  Take a look next time pass one of their locations.  Cool doesn’t do them justice with free social areas, bars and pool tables.  Just the place to relax as well as work.

We’re delighted to be part of that re-imagining.