Customer Focus – Windsor Castle

(September 2020  Update: Windsor have just announced that they are renewing their contract with us – still a jewel in our crown after 8 years)

Windsor Castle – one of the most recognised, visited and iconic castles in the United Kingdom.  With over 1.3 million visitors in 2016/17, and rising year on year, that’s potentially a lot of washroom traffic.   As one of the must-see destinations for visitors from all over the world, it’s vitally important that every aspect of the tourist experience is spot on.  That’s where Liberty Hygiene are proud to be part of our heritage and tourism experience by ensuring that the visitor washrooms are kept in tip-top condition with our feminine hygiene bins.

We’ve been looking after Windsor Castle for over 8 years now.   Being both local and independent ensures that whatever the season and visitor numbers are, we can cope and that’s one less item that the team at the castle need to worry about.

And just for some fun, we’ve listed 10 facts about the Castle below.  If you visit, do look out for our logo in the washrooms and maybe take a pic and post onto your favourite social media channel and use #libertyhygiene so we can see it and share.

10 top Facts

  1. The oldest parts of the Castle were built by the Normans following the victory of William the Conqueror in the Battle of Hasting in 1066. The original castle was made of wood and built in the motte-and-bailey style. The location of the castle meant that it could watch over the River Thames and Windsor Forest (a royal hunting ground).
  2. Henry I was the first monarch to use Windsor as a home and it is during his reign that the wooden keep and walls were replaced with stone.
  3. In the 12th century, Henry II upgraded the Castle walls and added a new stone keep.
  4. Edward III was born in Windsor Castle in 1312 and he spent a vast amount of money adding to it and improving it during his reign.
  5. Windsor Castle is the headquarters of the Order of the Garter (a fellowship of knights founded by Henry III in 1348).
  6. The Tudor monarchs used Windsor Castle. Henry VIII regularly stayed at the castle and he was buried in the Castle’s Lady Chapel.
  7. Elizabeth I spent a great deal of time at Windsor Castle. She liked the fact that it was a safe place that would be able to withstand a siege.
  8. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert made the Castle their main place of residence. Following Albert’s death, Queen Victoria was sometimes referred to as the ‘Widow of Windsor’.
  9. During World War 2, the windows of Windsor Castle were blacked out, many of the most valuable works of art were moved away, and the royal bedrooms were strengthened in case the castle was bombed during The Blitz. The royal family slept in Windsor Castle during WW2, but this was a secret. The public believed that they were spending the nights in Buckingham Palace.
  10. In 1992 a massive fire took place in Windsor Castle. Over 100 rooms were damaged by either fire or the water used to extinguish the fire. The cost of the Castle’s restoration was nearly £40 million.

(Thanks to Primary Facts for this information)