2020 brings 800 new sites

800 new sites and rising

What a year it’s been since lockdown last March.  We’ve all laughed and cried, worried, cheered and clapped and now look forward to hopefully a brighter future both for business and personally. But we didn’t anticipate 800 new sites.

At Liberty we took some time this week as the first lockdown anniversary approaches to take stock of where we are at and plan for the future.  One change we already had coming into place before March 2020 was the implementation of the BigChange Job Management system.  We’ve already talked about this here.  We were promised a clear picture of our business day to day and that’s been delivered.

But what has that picture shown us?

We knew that all during the entire year that we’ve been busy.  Yes, hygiene never went away.  It changed quite a lot though.  Many of our existing sites had to close, re-open, close again and re-open again….. revolving doors it felt like.  They needed extreme flexibility to cope with short notice and unknown demand when open and closing.  As always we delivered!  Our staff stepped up to the plate each and every time with a smile and willingness to go the extra mile.

When small and independent is right

That’s the beauty of being small and independent.  We can be as versatile as needed and that versatility certainly came into play when new sites and clients approached over the year, often feeling frustrated, let down and abandoned even by the multi-nationals.  We knew this was keeping us busy but what we didn’t realise till we ‘did the sums’ with BigChange was that we have taken on nearly 800 new sites since Lockdown and the Pandemic started.  This doesn’t include all of the pop-up testing sites that may or may not be around for a time…

You read that right, 800 new sites.

Nor does this include all the ad-hoc collections we’ve been doing as well. Our phones have rung off the hook with companies and organisations running COVID test and vaccination venues finding themselves with uncollected waste and no way to get rid of it quickly and safely. 

Nor does that include the help we’ve been able to give many businesses with additional equipment from our extensive new range of PPE and COVID Essentials to aid their business COVID-proofing.

Our MD, Scott Marshall, and the team have always maintained that 100% reliable service coupled with fair pricing and a quality driven approach is the way forward to a prosperous future.  We think we’ve proven that belief right.

We did say at the start that we were planning for the future.  Just a small teaser.  Watch this space!