Long Service Accolades at Liberty

staff long service

Liberty Hygiene is not just a great company to have for your workplace and washroom services, but our staff seem to think it’s not  a bad place to work either with some staff long service to be celebrated

It’s time for another shout out to the backroom heroes at Liberty that keep the wheels turning every day.  Take a bow:

  • Emma Gibbs
  • Michelle Salt
  • Andy Smith

How they’ve helped Liberty grow

The Directors and fellow staff would like to say a huge thank you to Emma Gibbs, Michelle Salt, and Andy Smith for all their support, hard work and all round enthusiasm and passion for the job and customers.

Special Talents

Emma, our Routing Manager has been with us a whopping TEN YEARS.  At Liberty we affectionately call Emma the human sat-nav as she seems to know every road and loading bay. She even what times you can legally park on the bus lanes! 

Michelle has been with us NINE years and is our service manager.  She keeps us on our toes and on the road with an efficiency that is second to none. What Michelle doesn’t know about our customers and their requirements, isn’t worth knowing.  

And Andy is our senior installer and has also been with us NINE years.  He’s amazing at his job but he sadly does support Spurs, (oh well, can’t be perfect all of the time) 

All of them are a joy to work with and are hugely appreciated not just by the Directors, but also by the whole team.  Their experience and in depth knowledge of both the industry itself and our company makes running Liberty a pleasure. We hope to be working with them for many more years to come.

Experience Matters

A thought –  if you take just the management team between them they have over 70 years of experience to bring to the Liberty table.  That’s not counting their experience in the industry with other companies.   Maybe that’s why we are one of the most trusted companies in the washroom and workplace services sector.