Mark Graduates with Honours

Mark Sutton completes the BigChange University

BigChange the Job Management system we’ve been implementing over the past months is about to go completely live.  It is truly amazing and we cannot recommend it highly enough.  To be able to deliver the all encompassing functionality that it does, the system needed a lot of initial input and with that a massive dose of understanding.

The folks that run BigChange understand this and as part of their offering, run a “BigChange University” with a whole host of online seminars, lessons and tutorials.  We are delighted to announce that Mark Sutton, our Depot Manager, has completed the whole course and is now our in-house expert.  Indeed he has graduated with honours!

 We asked Mark a few questions about his experience with BigChange and the course

How did you find the courses? 

It was informative and easy to follow.

How long did it take to complete?

The course was completed over 7 full days with 4 separate training sessions per day.  The programme is broken down into virtual modules that cover all elements of the system, so is ideal for new users to get a good grounding on the whole system.

What was the most useful thing you learnt for Liberty and how will you implement it?

The ability to create reports, templates, worksheets, & duty of care notes. By creating a bespoke job template this has allowed us to capture a detailed job sheet including a site photo, date & time of arrival and a full-service history. This allows the customer to receive a copy upon completion.

How will BigChange make a difference to your day to day job?

Getting live data from the vehicles has allowed us to track mileage much easier and will help us manage our vehicles more efficiently reducing our CO2 emissions. Jobs are received instantly on the drivers’  tablets. Our service engineers have all the information needed to deliver fantastic service.

Is it possible to install BigChange and not do the courses?

Installing BigChange and not attending the University program is possible as your onboarding manager will guide you through the system. However, you gain a greater knowledge by attending the course.

Will you be teaching staff how to use it to its best capabilities? 

I will be running training courses with all members of staff.

Congratulations Mark and we look forward to you sharing your expertise with us all.