Saving the planet one sheet at a time

Saving the planet one sheet at a time

Continuing our quest for sustainability

2021 is a big year at Liberty as we re-double our efforts to give eco-friendly options to clients and continue to improve our own commitment to reducing emissions and improving sustainability.  The Washroom Sector, with many of the products obviously being single-use, presents a real challenge to replace products with affordable and effective eco-friendly solutions.

Let’s look at some of our favourites:

Sustainable Cleaning

We are delighted to work alongside Innuscience  who manufacture Biotechnology Cleaning Products. Founded in 1992, InnuScience has a vision to change the way the world cleans, by harnessing the power that nature offers to replace harmful chemicals, eliminate waste and deliver truly sustainable cleaning solutions.  A leading advocate in the global recognition of biotechnology and sustainable solutions in the cleaning industry, InnuScience makes biotechnology a part of everyday life using products that offer high levels of performance combined with highly sustainable profiles. For over 25 years InnuScience has focused its R&D on the development of a range of sustainable products, driven wherever possible by their unique biotechnology.

When we clean we use Innuscience products so our customers can rest assured we are not spraying anything into the atmosphere or down the drains that will compromise the environment. Their vision and ethics makes it a perfect partner for Liberty Hygiene.

Sustainable Gloves and Toilet Rolls

Two of our most popular products are Honest Centrefeed Toilet Rolls and EcoGLOVE Disposable Gloves.  We’re also introducing sponges, wipes, toilet seat covers which are all also biodegradable. Check our Janitorial Supplies

However one of our top products has to be the 100% plastic free centrefeed Honest toilet paper which is made in the UK and provides strength and absorbency whilst making sure the environment is not damaged by removing non-essentials chemicals such as dye and bleach and all plastics – even the packaging is biodegradable with water based glue: simply brilliant and honestly top performance.

Disposable gloves have never been in more demand than this past year and we shudder to think how many millions are now in landfill or the bottom of the oceans slowly decomposing over decades.  The new EcoGLOVE can solve this problem.  It’s non-toxic and chemical free and a true alternative to vinyl, nitrile and latex gloves.  These super strong gloves are food safe, available in different sizes, fully recyclable, kind to skin, highly durable and flexible.  Everything you want in a disposable glove but friendly to the planet.

As with all our products, our customers can make choices.  If they are committing to better environmentally friendly policies and want to take that as far as the washroom, we are there to support them in their quest.