Training to make a Liberty difference

Training to make a Liberty difference

Making sure all our staff know the Liberty diffference

We’ve mentioned a few times recently how we’ve been fortunate enough to take on a lot of new sites in recent months.  New sites mean new service operatives.  We want to give all our service operatives, many of whom have to work remotely, the right training and support from day 1 so we have devised our own Liberty 5 week Flying Start induction programme which we are launching now.

After a rigorous recruitment and selection process we expect all new recruits to successfully complete the programme before we ‘let them loose’  We do have a strong staff retention ethos so giving all new recruits a strong start hopefully means we can keep that tradition up.

We do this over 5 consecutive weeks.

A Programme Outline

Week 1 – As well as product and systems training we look at the Liberty Vision, Mission and Values which we’ll just recap on here:


  • Become the largest independent Company in the UK in the next five years without losing our core value of Service Is King.
  • Grow customer base and portfolio of services, while sustaining our “Yes we can” attitude
  • Becoming a preferred distributor of PPE/ other Hygiene supplies


  • Provide 1st class service at low cost to all new and existing clients
  • Minimise environmental impact to lead by example and raise industry standards
  • Automate work procedures to streamline operations and reduce costs


  • Quality & Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Service Is King

The right way to do it

Weeks 2 and 3 focus mainly on product training.  Yes, there is a right way and a wrong way to service a feminine hygiene bin.  Then there is the Liberty way which is much better than just the right way.  When Liberty do the job every unit is carefully emptied, cleaned and sanitised and no ugly liners left hanging. 

This goes for every single piece of equipment that we look after for clients.  Much of the equipment is cutting edge washroom and workplace technology such as the Air Fragrance units and auto dispensers.  It is important that all our supplied equipment is handled with respect and care.  It’s just another part of the important Liberty difference and clients appreciate this.

Getting to know us

Week 4 – It’s all about the people.  People the new start will be working with, introductions to key contacts, the management and most importantly, goals for the future.  Our Service Operatives are often working remotely for lengthy periods of time as we cover such a vast area.  Therefore it is vital that they feel part of the team from day one and know who to speak to about what and when.

Getting around

Week 5 – Getting around and all our vehicle policies. As anyone who lives and works in and around London knows navigating the roads, finding the best parking spots to deliver the services, knowing where the back entrances are, knowing the ever changing driving restrictions, the best times to access which routes is something probably best associated with London cabbies and The Knowledge.  Our service operatives have to up to scratch as soon as possible and it’s not just for our London contracts. 

Busy towns and cities across the South East all have their challenges.  We share our expertise and knowledge and make sure every operative is fully confident before embarking on their own.  Emma Gibbs, our Routing Manager, is especially valuable for this lesson as after 10 years with Liberty she really does know every single road and loading bay.

We think we run one of the most comprehensive training and induction programmes for new Operatives in our industry and have been happy to share just a snippet here.  It’s the Liberty Difference making every new recruit feel and be part of the team from day 1.