Our first fully electric van arrives

Marks takes delivery of electric van

Another step in the right green direction today as Mark Pollock, our Service Director, takes delivery of our first fully electric van. We plan to replace at least 20 of our current fleet of 25 vans with fully electric models over the coming months.

This van is the Mercedes-Benz eVito Electric Panel Van which is fully-electric and zero-emissions.  Ideal for our mission to minimise environmental impact, lead by example and raise industry standards

Most of the fleet will be changed over but until the infrastructure for electric vehicles is further expanded some of our routes aren’t suitable just yet.  However all our London and Essex routes can expect to benefit from our reduced emissions within 18 months.

All our Directors’ company vehicles are fully electric.  We’ve found the transition painless and it hasn’t hindered travel at all.  We’d encourage you to seriously consider electric for your next business vehicle.

Let’s read a little more about the eVito.   Some key points to think about

  • Range 90+ miles – depends on how driven of course
  • Congestion and ULEZ charge exempt – extremely important for a business in London every day, all day.
  • Eligible for cost-cutting grants (correct at July 2021)
  • Fast Charging – essential for any busy business to keep the vans on the road as long as possible

If you are inspired to change your business fleet, why not give any of our Directors a call for an unbiased opinion on their experiences.  Always happy to help at Liberty Hygiene.

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