Zombies need clean hands too.

What do you do when you need a bunch of rabid zombies sanitised?  You call Liberty Hygiene of course.

Jade Tayla is one of our administrators but with another string to her bow.  She is also a Director at Silent Studio Productions and took Glenn, our MD, down to the set of the latest production, The House that Zombies Built”  in deepest Essex for the day.  Watch out for its release in 2022 coming to a cinema near you.

Filming isn’t yet complete so anyone interested can donate to their crowdfunding and claim a ‘perk’ with their Indiegogo campaign.  But hurry as filming is almost complete.

Silent Studios is a multi-award winning and unique team of creative people that love Horror & Sci Fi. Although the company is based in the UK they do have the team, facilities and contacts to film abroad. 

They make horror and sci-fi films for an indie market and have gained vast experience and knowledge whilst working for some of the biggest companies in the world.  They are a full film team including directors, DOP’s, Cameramen, Sound, AD’s, Producers, Writers all with experience and kit to make high standard professional films.

Do check out their website to see what this talented team do.  They are brilliant and we wouldn’t want to meet one of their actors in full costume on a dark quiet street anytime soon.

At Liberty, we do like to support and encourage team members with their hobbies and interests where we can.  We believe it makes for happier staff who bring their additional creativity and energies to work.  If nothing else, it makes for some really interesting chatter around the water cooler.

We’ll leave the last word to Jade when she said …..

“And that’s a wrap for me this week. Yesterday was take your boss to your other work day as well”

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