The Liberty Carbon Offset Difference.

Liberty - A Carbon Neutral Company

Another step in our journey to become the most environmentally responsible Washroom Services company was achieved this month with a Carbon Offset programme.

On September 7th we were awarded our Voluntary Cancellation Certificate to confirm our carbon footprint offset.  However, we wanted to commit even further.  Once we had the calculations of our current footprint we decided to top it up by another 20% to go the extra carbon-free mile. The project our offset is supporting is so worthwhile and will make a difference – another Liberty difference.

Small hydropower project at Ishasha in Uganda
Hydropower project at Ishasha in Uganda

Please read about the project here in full.  But briefly, we are supporting a small hydropower project at Ishasha in Uganda.  This project provides power in a largely underdeveloped and impoverished district with a population of over 200K.  It’s a positive step to helping these communities towards self-sustainability through increasing standards of work and living whilst reducing their reliance on deforestation for fuel.   This marries up well with our commitment to helping with the provision of clean toilets across the continent through Toilet Twinning.

The commitment at Liberty Hygiene to our environmental responsibilities is not because it is an ‘on trend’ thing to do; it is because we truly believe that we are in a fortunate position to be able to give back.  Whether that is at home or in less fortunate parts of the world, we want everyone to prosper and have a safe future for generations to come.  Nor is this a one-time gesture to Climate Change.  We have taken our footprint figure as just a starting point and are fully committed to improving that every year. 

More environmental differences

This offset project is not our first foray into environmental responsibility.  We’ve actually held our ISO 14001 accreditation since 2016. This continues to demonstrate our commitment to managing both our environmental impacts and providing a sustainable service to our customers.

We are also investing heavily in an all-electric fleet of vehicles and through the integration of the Big Change management system, we can plan the most fuel-efficient routes and schedules for our service team.  Our onward processing of waste is carefully monitored and we only work with companies who have the same demonstrable values and environmental commitment as ourselves. 

Going the extra mile is important not just to us but from our suppliers and partners as well and if that mile is carbon neutral all the better for the planet.