Recycle Re-use Reduce – doing our bit at Liberty

Recycle, Re-use, Reduce

We’ve been helping with a spot of office recycling and supporting two of our local organisations at the same time. 

It’s not hard to recycle

A client in London were having a major clear out at one of their offices of unclaimed property from the staff lockers.  Bits and pieces that had lain forgotten or no longer wanted: trainers, shoes, bags, clothes ……..

They asked if we could help and when we suggested donating the items to One Love Soup Kitchen in Southend, they were delighted to be able to donate all the locker contents needing a new home.  When we went to pick the boxes up we were astounded to see so much top-quality gear and just knew that One Love would make sure it found deserving new owners. It’s great to see such a positive outcome as we recycle locally.

We are not stopping there with helping at One Love Soup Kitchen.   Our founder and CEO, Scott Marshall, is doing the Big Winter Sleepout to raise awareness of homelessness in the area and at least £1500 for the charity.  If you want to read more about Scott’s plans and donate, you can do so here.

Paper and Pencils to a good home

In amongst the boxes were also some surplus stationery items and this prompted us at Liberty HQ to have a look in our stationery cupboard as well for those long forgotten and unused purchases.  Together we were able to make up a nice box or two of goodies and asked the Special Needs Class of Hingaur Community Primary School here in Southend if they could make use of it.  Of course, they could!

Two worthwhile destinations for perfectly serviceable surplus goods.  Next time you are having an office clear out, why not consider who could use the stuff and look at donating.  It’s recycling at its best. We’re happy to have helped.