Scott’s Guilty – a report from the Big Winter Sleep out.

Here’s how Scott got on at the One Love Big Winter Sleep Out on Saturday 20 Nov 2021

The actual sleep out wasn’t too bad because, if I’m honest, there was a bit of excitement and novelty around the whole thing. The weather was okay really, no rain but it was cold and windy…

Listen in to why Scott chose to support One Love’s Big Winter Sleep Out

However, I had just a small sleeping bag and a cheap tent. (Which is what a homeless person might have, I’m told)  I didn’t really get much sleep and about 4 am when I was finally dozed over I started feeling drips of water.  This was condensation forming inside the single skin cheap tent. This wasn’t pleasant and, although it didn’t rain, the whole floor was soaking wet in no time.  No, I didn’t wet myself!

I managed approximately 2 hours sleep and finally went indoors at 7 am. This is where it hit home and hit home hard.

Once I got back to the house, I ran a lovely hot bath and relaxed for half an hour to warm my bones. Then it was time for a hot filling breakfast and after I climbed into my comfortable warm bed and slept the whole day without a care in the world.

Then I began to get an overwhelming sense of guilt as I just can’t imagine how anybody could go through the next day walking the streets and then sleeping rough again that night and for nights on end.   It must be a living hell!

On the bright side though, all of my sponsors managed to raise over £2.5 k and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  The team at One Love do just an amazing job and I know how much the homeless and vulnerable people of Southend really need and appreciate the service.  See the pics of warm clothing and food stores and their cosy dry dining area.  This is what your donations have helped with.

I have signed up as a once a month volunteer to serve food at the centre on a Thursday night. It’s the absolute least I can do.

We should all be so thankful that whatever our problems we have a room and food.  Something, shamefully, that thousands in this country don’t have.

I know I still have a few contacts who said they wanted to donate to my Big Winter Sleep Out efforts.  There’s still time.  Click on this link for my Justgiving page.

We do try at Liberty HYgiene to help where we can – read some more