From a few towels to 2500+ products in two weeks

A great example of why it is important to consistently keep in touch with clients and fellow industry companies and tell people what you actually do.

It all started when Endersham Cleaning Services of London were having issues getting laundry for a few of their sites, such as bath towels and hand towels from their old supplier. They had seen our information from our social media campaigns and decided to give us a go for a handful of sites.

We were delighted to help out and did so with the usual enthusiasm and high standards we are well known for.

Then, after a meeting and overview of all that Liberty could offer over and above laundry, it made sense for Endersham to procure the totality of the business. We ended up coming up with the best overall package and were awarded the service.

10 Days

It was agreed that Liberty would supply 140 sites – fantastic!   However, the whole operation had to be finished in just two weeks or 10 working days.  We do love a challenge!!

In total the team installed over 2,500 products including:

All of this was being installed in some of London’s most beautiful and stylish buildings.

Our install team were simply amazing working day and night to make sure we delivered. Andy, William, Kyron and Dave – you did Liberty proud.  Directors Scott and Mark also rolled up their sleeves at the same time as making sure all went smoothly – and it did!

Endersham were most impressed by Liberty’s can-do attitude and also the fact that they were able to tick many of their own ‘green’ boxes by working with a carbon neutral business.

Endersham Cleaning

A little bit about Endersham: Endersham has been providing commercial cleaning services throughout London for 46 years. The company is a privately owned business with long-serving directors and a team of account managers. They have continued to develop and expand their professional cleaning business into one which has an enviable reputation for client retention, based on their philosophy of quality and service.

They have extensive experience in all areas of commercial cleaning and specialist cleaning, as well as a personal and flexible approach to every contract. Maintaining their reputation is also in no small part due to the quality of the cleaning staff, all of whom have been trained to the highest standards and are constantly monitored to preserve service levels.

We are very proud to be working with Endersham and look forward to growing with them…