University Challenge for Liberty

Our University Challenge (1)

What image do you get when you think of some of the University campuses across London?  Does it conjure up images of academic excellence at some of the most prestigious venues in the world of education, places that have nurtured some of the finest minds for generations past, present and to come, or iconic buildings recognised throughout the world?

To us at Liberty Hygiene it means another successful partnership with Julius Rutherfoord and a tremendous responsibility to ensure that 20 sites are supplied and serviced to the high standards expected.

We were installing and servicing a staggering amount of equipment including 440 feminine hygiene bins, 100 air fresheners, 30 vending machines and 25 nappy units.  Our service team needed to make themselves familiar with the routes and buildings to ensure a smooth service on time every time.

It is a real University Challenge but our team are experts in their fields and we have no doubt they will keep scoring top marks.  It won’t be next question, it will be job well done!