Training to make a Liberty difference

Training to make a Liberty difference

Making sure all our staff know the Liberty diffference We’ve mentioned a few times recently how we’ve been fortunate enough to take on a lot of new sites in recent months.  New sites mean new service operatives.  We want to give all our service operatives, many of whom have to work remotely, the right training and support from day 1 … Read More

What to Look for in a Washroom Service

If you are an employer or a business owner, the quality of your public washrooms can have an impact on your workplace or business premises. It is important to provide modern and hygienic facilities, and you may wish to go even further to please your employees and customers. Most businesses have a washroom service to ensure the public bathrooms are … Read More

Liberty Hygiene Achieve ISO 14001

Liberty Hygiene are pleased to announce that we have now been certified by QAS International with ISO 14001 certification*. This is a significant achievement for Liberty and demonstrates our commitment to managing both our environmental impacts and providing a sustainable service to our customers.