Charity - it's good to give back and it's good to get involved.

Where and when we can, Liberty Hygiene like to get involved with local charities and those further afield too.  Most of what we do is very low key and has ranged from donating old towels to a sanctuary to donating face masks during the Covid-19 pandemic to local charities.

Toilet Twinning is one initiative we're very proud to be associated with.

Toilet Twinning

We are fortunate to live in a country where toilet facilities are plentiful, clean and safe.  But there are many places around the globe that aren’t as fortunate.

Toilet Twinning is a scheme that provides education, proper toilets and clean water to some of the poorest communities around the world.  Without a toilet, people are trapped in a cycle of ill-health. By contrast, having even the most simple pit latrine can transform their health, their capacity for work, their desire to learn and their entire outlook on life.

The charity’s approach is to encourage families to build their own loos. This is after they’ve been taught about the importance of sanitation and basic hygiene practices such as handwashing. Local partners provide the training and materials. But generally the families themselves do the hard work, digging the pit and constructing the toilet. In this way, they have ‘ownership’ of their loo and will keep on using it.

Our Contributions

As a company we aim to donate regularly throughout the year to this life changing initiative.   To date we have twinned directly over 10 toilets.  Being a member of the IWSA we also contributing on a regular basis.   The members of IWSA decided that part of our annual ‘subs’ would be directed to Toilet Twinning.  Hopefully this will speed up the delivery of even more toilets to less fortunate communities. So far we've been part of the team which has enabled 58 toilets to be built.

You can take part too. For a one-off £60 donation, you can twin your toilet with a household latrine.   For £240 you can twin with a toilet block in a school or displacement camp. You will receive a certificate with a photo of your toilet twin and its GPS coordinates.

To find out more and if you have a charitable cause that think might benefit, get in touch with us today