Environmentally Friendly Janitorial Essentials

A non toxic and chemical free alternative to vinyl, nitrile and latex disposable gloves

Finally, an eco-friendly, non toxic and chemcial free alternative to ltex, vinyl and nitrile gloves that also saves you money, a lot of money.  These Eco-Gloves can be safely dispsed of with recycling waste.


The Eco-Glove is rapidly establishing itself as a compelling must-have alternative to vinyl gloves.

The two main benefits of the Eco-Glove are its eco-friendly recyclable materials and its super low cost.

With savings of up to 50% on vinyl, these gloves are non-toxic, durable, super flexible, kind yet protective to the skin and offer a perfect fit every time.

  • 100% powder and latex free
  • Non-toxic
  • single use only
  • Non medical
  • Waterproof
  • Chemical free

This glove is the perfect solution for the hospitality and food industry from the preparation at a large-scale global fast-food chain to a Michelin star restaurant.  A highly durable glove suitable for multiple industries.

Available in medium and large

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