Environmentally Friendly Janitorial Essentials

Some of our range of Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Towels, Toilet Rolls and Dispensers


Lasts as long as 6 cases of 150m mini Jumbo.

With zero waste, the internal feed restrictor in the FIG Ecomatic dispenser which slows down the roll and reduces usage and no theft or damage, one case to FIG Ecomatic toilet roll lasts as long as 72 rolls of 150-metre jumbo's AND it's sustainable sugarcase paper!

  • Sugarcane eco-friendly high quality 2-ply toilet tissue
  • Feed restrictor to slow down the roll reducing waste
  • Seamless easy wipe front covers with no join to allow dirt and bacteria in
  • Twin roll dispenser, zero waste, and 1800 sheets per dispenser fill

Free on Loan when you purchase the Sugarcane Toilet Rolls

Dries up to 2400 pairs of hands per case

With a case of 3,000 C-fold hand towels dying an average of 375 pairs of hands, one case of Bamboo roll towel dries an average of 2349 pairs of hands and you are getting Bamboo

  • Anit-bacterial protection impregnated into the whole front cover
  • Reduced usage as each sheet needs to be pulled out with two hands so you can only take one sheet at a time
  • Seamless easy-clean front cover with no join for dirt or bacteria to get in
  • Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties and is a great sustainable solution

Free on Loan when you purchase Bamboo Roll Towels


Sustainability with plants growing in less than a year

Sustainability is a great reason to use Bamboo for towel manufacturing with great user benefits too. Although not ideal for toilet tissue bamboo is excellent for hand towels! The long & strong fibres give it a great wet strength and very good drying capability with the added benefit of natural anti-bacterial properties too!

It takes 30 years to grow trees to harvest while Sugarcane and Bamboo are harvested after just 8 –11 months of growth.

 Sugarcane pulp (Bagasse) is a by-product of sugarcane after the sugar has been extracted

Soft, sustainable and kind to the environment

Sugarcane is a class C4 plant, which absorbs more carbon dioxide (CO2) and produces 35% more oxygen than trees.

Made from sugarcane and bamboo this paper has great sustainability benefits to the environment as well as gaining end user benefits.

Made from 40% sugarcane, 40% pulp and 20% recycled fibre pulp to a special formula the sugarcane tissue breaks down extremely well due to the short, delicate fibres, making it the perfect solution for toilet tissue.

Sugarcane tissue is much softer, whiter and brighter with a lower carbon footprint and lower cost-in-use than recycled tissue making it the perfect solution for toilets everywhere!

100% Plastic Free Centrefeed Toilet Rolls

Reliably made in the UK, HONEST centrefeed provides the strength and absorbency you expect whilst having a positive environmental change by removing non-essential chemicals such as dyes and bleaches as well as all plastics

Inside the 100% plastic-free packaging are 6 HONEST FSC certified centrefeed rolls, each 2 ply roll measures 150m x 175mm and the packaging is sealed with biodegradable water-based glue.

Sustainable Credentials

  • FSC Recycled 100% accredited
  • All non-essential chemicals removed
  • Made in the UK
  • 100% plastic-free
  • CHSA approved

Natural Paper

  • No dye
  • No bleach
  • No de-inker
  • Strong and absorbent

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