Entrance Matting

Entrance matting collects unwanted dirt and water; however, they can only gather a limited amount before they become ineffective.

Therefore, to ensure your premises are continuously protected, our entrance mats are supplied as part of a specialist floor mat service. This service removes the soiled mat from your premises and immediately replaces it with a freshly laundered one to ensure that your flooring is constantly protected.

We also offer an entrance matting solution for existing recessed mat wells, enabling you to maintain a clean and hygienic reception or foyer


100% Recycled Heavy Duty 18mm Aluminum Entrance Matting

Forbo Nuway is the ideal choice – thanks to its great performance, superb bespoke options and expert customer service support. Offering a wide range of rigid single and double sided made-to-order mats, Nuway is an excellent first line of defence against moisture and soil from shoes and the treads of wheeled traffic.

These single sided rigid mats are attractive, tough and versatile. Every Forbo grid mat features 100% recycled, extruded aluminium interlocking carrier sections for durability, with infill strips joined together by rubber double connecting strips. The aluminium sections have a low-lustre anodised finish to comply with DDA requirements. Forbo Grid is constructed to spread heavy loads and to offer long lasting effective performance in demanding locations