Customer Focus – Windsor Castle

(September 2020  Update: Windsor have just announed that they are renewing their contract with us – still a jewel in our crown after 8 years)

Windsor Castle – one of the most recognised, visited and iconic castles in the United Kingdom.  With over 1.3 million visitors in 2016/17, and rising year on year, that’s potentially a lot of washroom traffic.   As one of the must see destinations for visitors from all over the world, it’s vitally important that every aspect of the tourist experience is spot on.  That’s where Liberty Hygiene are proud to be part of our heritage and tourism experience by ensuring that the visitor washrooms are kept in tip top condition with our feminine hygiene bins.

We’ve been looking after Windsor Castle for over 8 years now.   Being both local and independent ensures that whatever the season and visitor numbers are, we can cope and that’s one less item that the team at the castle need to worry about. Read more

Liberty Work with WeWork

Liberty Work with WeWork

More good news from Liberty HQ!  We are now able to confirm that we have been awarded the national contract for WeWork UK to service over 3500 feminine hygiene bins and 1000’s of towels every single week.   That’s a lot you might be thinking and that’s where our extensive network of trusted partners comes into play.  We can increase capacity quickly and seamlessly and that’s exactly what we’ve done for this contract with one of our valued contractors.

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cleanology and liberty

Liberty and Cleanology: a winning combination

Liberty Hygiene of Southend are delighted to announce that, after a rigorous tender exercise by award-winning Cleanology, one of the most progressive Facilities Management and Cleaning companies in Europe,  they have been awarded the continuation of the contract for at least another 3 years. Liberty has been working with Cleanology for over 10 years now.

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Ipswich Town FC

Ipswich Town FC choose Liberty

Football’s back but not as we knew it thanks to Covid-19. Clubs are now having to take active measures to safeguard players, officials and staff.  No doubt as the season evolves this will also include limited fan attendance too, all under FA and Government guidance, of course.

As one of the South East’s premier providers of PPE and Covid-19 related products, Ipswich Town FC have become the latest addition to our top-flight client list.  This was a signing we were delighted to win.  Our competitive pricing alongside our committed team and reputation for delivering consistently high performance made sure we came out top.

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Sam Roome

New Head of Accounts Appointed

We are delighted to introduce our new head of accounts to the business, Sam Roome is a qualified accountant and will be heading up our busy accounts department.

Sam says “I am really excited to be joining the team at Liberty to help restructure the accounts department, bringing in new systems and processes and upskilling individuals.  The vision will be to provide the directors with a clear financial cash and P&L , enabling them to respond to opportunities and challenges equipped with current financial information.”

Welcome Sam – you will keep us on our financial toes

Liberty Giving Back in Southend

Liberty Giving Back in Southend

The past few months have forced many businesses to regroup and rethink.  Quite literally overnight, offices closed, buildings shut down and hotels, restaurants and bars shut their doors.  This had a catastrophic effect at Liberty Hygiene Services of Southend with over 80% of their regular service sites suspending contracts.

However, true entrepreneurial spirit was alive and kicking as Scott Marshall (Managing Director) and his brother, Glenn, Operations Director hatched a plan, called in their worldwide network of suppliers and contacts and set up an operation to supply PPE and Janitorial supplies

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Non Touch Service System

Client Update – Service System – NON-TOUCH feature

During the lock-down period, Liberty has been working tirelessly to keep innovating to stay ahead of the curve.

We are soon to be launching our new Service System, which (amongst other ground-breaking features) allows us to be the first Washroom Hygiene company to offer introduce a 100% NON-TOUCH signature capture mechanism –  Meaning our Service Technicians can capture and record a signature from anyone on-site – with absolutely zero risk of cross-contamination – and zero risk of having to break the 2m Social Distancing guidelines.

How it works

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New Depot Manager Appointment

Liberty is delighted to announce the appointment of Mark Sutton. Mark has joined the Liberty family as Depot Manager.

Mark has previously been running one of the UK’s leading Pest Control / Washroom Hygiene Supplies companies as the warehouse and site manager.

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Ready to Roll

As you can see, we’re lined and ready to go at Liberty Hygiene. Our 20+ vans and trucks are spruced up with 5 currently on the road and roughly an additional one per week returning right now but we expect that to ramp up very soon as more and more businesses return. 

We’ve never actually been totally shut down during the past lockdown weeks and some of our drivers have been total super heroes turning up for work and keeping our customers serviced.  Thanks guys – you’ve been stars and worthy of your own round of applause.

New Products and Services

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Hands Free Door Openers

Hands Free Door Openers – Liberty Hygiene partner with StepNpull®

When you are at work or out and about it’s a fact that you have to open a door probably using a door handle that’s been touched hundreds of time that day before you.  No matter how often people are asked to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser – remember washing hands is the most effective against passing on germs and viruses – there is still that unknown factor about door handles.  Was the last user as careful about their hand hygiene as you?

The answer has to be hands free door openers and we predict there will a surge in demand for these handy gadgets which allow latch free doors to be opened without using hands. 

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Adventure island Business PPE Liberty Hygiene

Business PPE supplies post Covid-19

Helping local businesses get ready to open with PPE supplies

Southend on Sea – the home of great companies that work together as family.  Liberty Hygiene, a company based on traditional family values and ethics, has been working tirelessly to supply business PPE to Adventure Island to get the popular visitor attraction ready for visitors once the lockdown has been eased.

Adventure Island gets ready to re-open

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Liberty Response to Covid-19 pandemic

During recent months, all of us have been affected by the Covid-19 (Corona Virus) outbreak.

Whilst this is has been a difficult time for everyone, we at Liberty are working as hard as possible to maintain services at our customers’ sites.

As we are all currently dealing with the ongoing changes due to the outbreak, it is prudent for us to advise you on steps that we have taken to make sure we are as prepared as possible for all further developments. The number one priority to Liberty is the safety of our staff, customers, and the public.

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It’s tough work but someone’s got to do it!

Liberty has today taken delivery of 1100 fem bins for a huge couple of installs happening over Christmas. Fair play to Paul and Barry our warehouse guys who keep the company moving, making up the products that you see in our customers sites, it’s blooming freezing in the warehouse.

Thanks guys without you our company would grind to a halt! Well done keep up the good work.

Happy Christmas everybody!



It’s getting very Christmassy at Liberty Towers!

We love Christmas at Liberty so for Christmas Jumper Day we had our first office staff bake-off.

Scott Marshall (Managing Director) forgot to bring his, so in order to stop a full-scale walkout he improvised with his very own take on a Christmas jumper, look closely at the attached pic (entrepreneurial skills at work!).



Liberty is awarded the National Contract for Hobbs clothes shop’s Nationwide

Liberty has been awarded another National contract. Liberty will now be servicing the entire estate of over 70 Hobbs clothes stores up and down the country.
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Another happy client

Many thanks to Victoria from Principle Cleaning Services for this wonderful testimonial. 

I just wanted to drop you a line regarding your fantastic service yesterday!

We were asked at 6 am to provide 100 towels for the site and our supplier could not achieve a delivery the same day. Our client was under pressure from her tenants to get the towels. Thankfully Liberty stepped in. This is not the first time that you have provided us with that personal touch and shown us that there is no problem too big for you guys!

Thank you so much. 

Victoria Jaramillo Portfolio Director.

(Principle Cleaning Services).

Santa has come early this year! Liberty return to Winter Wonderland.

We are really pleased to announce that Liberty Hygiene will be returning to the amazing Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park this year.

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More business from Carpet Right (Ireland)

Liberty hygiene is delighted to of secured the business for Carpet right (Ireland)for their Feminine hygiene bins service across the whole of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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Liberty Hygiene & One Housing Group

Liberty is excited to announce they have been chosen by Chequers Contract Cleaning to provide washroom services for the One Housing Group in London.

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Saying goodbye to Racheal

Our lovely Rachel is leaving us to go travelling…

so the head office admin team all went for drinks at our favourite pub (the Woodmans in Rayleigh / our customer of course) to send her off with a lemonade.! 

I’m sure all of our customers and suppliers will wish Rachel all the best for the future and all of the team thank her for always smiling and just being generally awesome! 

Liberty in partnership with Julius Rutherfoord

Take a look at this fantastic reference from Julius Rutherfoord & Co.
Julius Rutherfoord & Co (JR&Co) have worked with Liberty Hygiene since September 2018 to provide washroom services to our clients across London and within the M25.

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Navigator Terminals Thames choose Liberty.

Liberty’s quality customer service continues to keep our clients happy.

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Liberty Staff enjoy a day at Southend United

On Saturday 31st Aug we took a few of the Liberty team members to our box at Southend United. 

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Liberty partner with Atkins Gregory

Liberty is delighted to of been chosen to be the washroom and matting service partner for Atkins Gregory who is one of Cambridgeshire’s biggest independent cleaning companies.

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Liberty Hygiene washroom services

2019 has been an amazing year for Liberty Hygiene Ltd

2019 has been an amazing year for Liberty Hygiene LTD, Both in growth and customer retention, in fact it’s been our best year ever!!

So with all of those new clients to look after we have had to invest in our team, so here they are in all of their glory… introducing our new Liberty Brothers and Sisters!

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We’re doing our bit to help make the world a better place

Here at Liberty Hygiene, we have been leaders in providing innovative washroom services for nearly 15 years. Protecting the environment has always been a priority of ours, and as we expand our services, we extend our desire to develop products that will make the world a better place, and our new offering is no different.

We’ve entered an exciting partnership with Ambius, experts in the field of interior landscaping. Organisations all over the globe now have green credentials that they are required to meet by law: boxes they have to tick to show that they are helping our environment. With our new products, your organisation can achieve just that, with ease, and to stunning visual effect.

We’re supplying plants, containers, and living green walls for just about any situation — from a small bowl on a reception desk — to a beautiful bouquet, huge tree, or colossal blank wall in an atrium.

They are all made from retired smartphones, laptops, computers, and other tech and office equipment that would otherwise end up on a landfill, in the ocean, or gathering dust.

Everyday plastic bags can take over 1000 years to break down. Add three more zeros, and you’re closer to the number of years for a tech device to start to decompose.

We make the planters from ABS plastic, which means many benefits, including, high resistance to scratching, high impact strength, and light in weight

This exciting concept that brings together inspiring artwork and the natural beauty of indoor plants. Using live plants, we can still benefit from their beauty and the health benefits that plants bring.

We can also offer a fresh flower delivery and maintenance service so that you don’t have to worry about them once they’re up.

If you’d like to go green and stay green with our range of eco-friendly products, then we’d love to hear from you.

You can call us on 01702 483833, email us at, or pop by our offices in Rayleigh.

Saying no to layers of bad smells

What do we reach for when things get a little more potent in the toilet than anticipated? Straight for the can of air freshener — before immediately regretting creating such a horrendous potion of smells.

Many traditional air freshening machines in washrooms work in the same way as these household sprays: they merely place a scent over the smell that’s already there, hence the horrible concoction of odours.

The ECOBreeze works differently.

“This is the first product I’ve ever come across that removes bacteria and foul smells before replacing them with fresh air, and a scent” — Scott Marshall, Managing Director, Liberty Washroom Services

There’s nothing in it that’s dangerous — unlike old-fashioned air fresheners that spread harmful chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) propellant. As well as trapping bacteria and odours, the ECOBreeze also catches irritants such as pollen and dust.

Fresh air is hard to come by in areas where there is little or no ventilation, and this device isn’t just for washrooms. The ECOBreeze runs on electric rather than batteries, so is more powerful, and could accommodate a huge sports changing room.

At Liberty Washroom services, we’ve always been at the forefront of innovation, and we don’t want to keep selling the same, out-dated products. We are one of the few select washroom companies in our area to have the rights to distribute this groundbreaking creation. We’re constantly on the look-out for new inventions, and that’s why we’re so excited about this one.

If you’d like a free demo of the ECOBreeze, you can call us on 01702 483833, email us at, or swing by our offices in Rayleigh.

Customer Focus – Southend Airport

Update – March 2019

London Southend Airport which has been rated best London Airport for the last 6 years by Which? Magazine and the best airport in the UK (under 3 million passengers) at the AOA Annual Awards values its supply chain which we are delighted to part of.

LIBERTY Hygiene have regained the contract to service and maintain the washroom waste and Air Fragrance for another three years having secured the original contract from a national company over 6 years ago.

Here’s a couple of recent comments from the Airport…

“Nothing is too much trouble, your service team go above and beyond expectations every time and your charges are very competitive and fair”

“We are experiencing a time of huge growth here at London Southend Airport and need to be confident as our passenger numbers grow that we are partnered with a company we can work well with and trust implicitly.”

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Monthind Clean

Monthind Clean and Liberty Hygiene team up for an exciting 2019

Monthind Clean LLP, are East Anglia’s leading independent cleaning company with locations throughout the Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex areas. They are an established company delivering high standard cleaning services since 1975 to a broad customer base in both the private and public sectors.

Monthind Clean

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