Liberty Hygiene

Liberty Hygiene Take Part in ”Dry January” For Charity…

Of course we are not talking about the weather!! During the month of January some of the staff have decided to do the dryathalon.. Scott Marshall (Managing Director), Glenn Marshall (Operations Director) Jake Jugg (Accounts Manager) and Eileen Orchard (Training and Quality manager) are all going dry for January and hoping to raise some money for charity!!

As well as helping themselves to be fit and healthy we will be donating to charity! We wish them all luck.. they are going to need it!!!


The Charity

Saraswotti Tikka school is about 40 miles from Kathmandu, in Nepal. It is a school for 30 disabled children. They are about three years old to 15 years. In Nepal children who have special needs face many difficult challenges. Often they are abandoned and have to live on the streets. The children in Sara Swotting Tikka school are the lucky ones. However they do need some help.

The children live in a building which is very old and in some places, falling down. In the summer it gets very hot and there is no shade for the children to sit in.. The room where the children sleep, is very small, and the roof leaks and the children wake up very cold, with the rain falling on their beds and clothes.

The staff cook for the children in the kitchen, but they do not have enough gas cylinders or pots or pans to cook the children’s food The children eat rice and vegetables all year round, they are the lucky ones. When visitors come they perhaps might bring sweets and fruit for the children to share. The children love to have visitors.

The charity raises money to repair the leaking roof put the glass in the windows and make the kitchen more suitable for cooking. In the long term we hope to raise sufficient funds to build a new classroom where the children can play after school and in the evenings.

The charity work with a Dutch charity called Milan Bindu, who have been working in Nepal for the last 15 years and who have a good reputation for working directly, with local people to meet their needs. The money goes to the children who need it.

Thank you so much for helping us to support these brilliant children and give them a better start in life.