Pest Control

Electric Fly Killing Grids


Allure® Stainless (Covers 120m²)

Proven to have 67.7% greater UV light output than traditional electric fly killers. With an innovative, patented open-top design to maximise light output of the Synergetic™ UV tubes, this truly unique zapper fly killer releases light from the back, sides and top of the unit, creating 67.7% more useful UV light output than traditional fly killers utilising the same power UV tubes. The unique Z-shaped killing grid provides a 20% larger fly killing area, ensuring that the unit easily copes with the increased number of flies attracted by the greater light output. Designed with serviceability in mind, the killing grid, deep catch tray and UV tubes are easily cleaned and maintained whilst the tool-free, drop down guard, also holds the catch tray during servicing making the unit quick and easy to service. Independent tests show that the Insect-O-Cutor Allure® 30 attracted 448% more flies than the leading traditional 30-watt unit. Innovative patented open-top design gives maximum possible UV light output for increased efficacy.

• Unique Z Shaped killing grid gives 20% larger useful killing area for increased efficacy
• Large capacity, mains interlocked catch tray with anti-blow out folds
• Dual wavelength Synergetic™ technology for an increased catch
• Tool-free, swing down front guard for quick, simple servicing
• Simple wall, ceiling or desk mounting

Exocutor, 16 Watt, White (Covers 50m²)

 The Exocutor brand has been a favourite with specifiers for over 20 years, selected for its longstanding reliability and proven efficacy in demanding commercial environments. The latest generation of Exocutor products is no exception, promising consistent results alongside quick and simple servicing. The contemporary design of the products ensures that they are easily identified as high-quality Insect-O-Cutor brand products, whilst the carefully crafted, innovative product features deliver superior efficacy against traditional fly killer products. The Exocutor range is full of features designed to maximise useful UV light output, from the internal aluminium UV light reflectors, designed to re-use the powerful insect attracting wavelength of the Philps Actinic 368nm tubes, to the unique light scoops which allow light to exude from the corners of the unit as well as the front, back and sides. Staggered tube positioning ensures that the maximum amount of UV light is radiated from all areas of the unit, luring flying insects into the highly effective triangular killing grid.

Exocutor, 80 Watt, Stainless (Covers 280m²)

• Unique corner light scoops give increased UV light output
• Internal aluminium UV light reflectors
• Staggered, high efficacy UV tubes for increased efficacy
• Reliable high specification 3750V transformer
• Unique triangular killing grid for a larger effective catch area
• Strong UV stable polycarbonate and coated mild steel / stainless steel construction
• Large capacity, mains interlocked catch tray with anti-blow out folds
• Simple wall, ceiling or desk mounting
• Easy cleaning and servicing
• Range of spare parts available
• Independently tested and certified to RoHS and all relevant European standards
• Contemporary market leading British design
• Tubes: 2 x TPX36-24 for the 80 watt version and 2 x TPX8-12 for the  16 watt version

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