PPE Essentials

COVID-19 Antibody and Antigen Testing Kits



Now you can test for COVID symptoms and antibodies at home and know the results in 15 minutes with these superb fully tested kits.  Perfect for staff coming back to work or those feeling ill and just not sure!  It is reported that up to 86% of people who  contract the virus develop only mild and moderate symptoms.

As many as 88% of people still have antibodies in their blood to fight Covid-19 six months after infection according to a recent study.  Check out quickly with these rapid test kits if this applies staff giving you and them peace of mind.

Both these kits are fully tested and providing over 90% accuracy.  They are easy to use and come with straightforward instructions.

The COVID Antigen Kits are £9.95 each (MOQ 10).  For orders over 100 the price is £9.45 each

The Antibody testing kits are £15.95 each (MOQ 5). For larger orders there are discounts available

(all prices are excluding VAT) - Click on the links above to download the leaflets.

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