PPE Essentials

Sanitisers, Soaps, Wipes and Cleaners


Soap and Sanitiser

Sanigel Alcogel Hand Sanitiser Gel ( 6 x 450ml) 70% Alcohol, pump action

Purell Hand Rub Pump (24 x 60ml)

Carex Handwash Original (6 x 250ml)


Soap and Sanitiser - bulk

Sanisafe Alcogel Hand Sanitiser 5 litres – 70% Alcohol

Swan Antibacterial Hand Soap 5 litres

Selgeine Ultra 5 litre

Selgeine Ultra ( 6 x 750ml)



Colour Coded Wipes (500 per box)

Flash Antibacterial Wipes (8 x 48)

Purell Antimicrobial Wipes ( 6 x 270)

Sontara70%  ethanol impregnated disposable fabric wipes  (460 wipes per tub)

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