PPE Essentials

Temperature Analysis and Facial Recognition


Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometers which take a reading in just a second are an essential tool when detecting anyone with a fever before entering any public space. It works at a safe distance and without physical contact.  Discrete and easy to use


Facial Recognition Systems – using latest in smart technology to keep business working

Information kiosks with temperature detectors and auto hand sanitiser dispensers to keep staff, customers and visitors safe – perfect for front desks, entrances and sales counters.

Access Control Units are very well equipped for offices, factories , schools and any other premises that require restricted access.  Temperature display and mask detection can restrict entry.  These units can easily be integrated into existing access control systems or standalone.

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  • K2 - Desktop Infrared Thermometer
  • K3Pro – Wall Mounted Infrared Thermometer
  • K9Pro – Wall Mounted Infrared Thermometer with Automatic Sanitiser

This range of thermometers offers flexibility for any venue or office space with a choice of desktop or wall-mounted.

Why not get a 'dollop' of sanitiser at the same time with the K9 Pro