Soap Dispensers

Liquid/Foam, Scented/Unscented, Anti-bacterial Hand Cleansers

We have a large range of liquid soap dispensers. We also have pump foam dispensers or fully automatic, non-touch liquid soap dispensers.  All of these will compliment any washroom.

The Sanitex Soap Dispensing System

The Sanitex soap dispensing system has a unique pouch feature, that reseals each pouch ensuring servicing is quick, simple and contamination free. The “push to dispense” Sanitex system can accept a choice of innovative liquid, spray or foam pumps which provide flexibility for a choice of users’ preferred soap option, without the necessity to change the entire dispenser.

photo of a white soap dispenser
image of an open Sanitex soap dispenser

Savona Foam

Dispense foam soap products economically, cleanly and efficiently with a clear sight glass to easily check contents.

Savona produce a range of pump and automatic soap dispensers that will compliment any washroom.

image of a Savona foam dispenser
photo of a Savona soap dispenser