Our Presentation was to do with how Liberty Hygiene are converting Waste to Energy and are working towards a carbon neutral footprint.  Liberty Hygiene are one of the leading independent washroom companies in the Country.  The majority of our customers are within London & the South East.  They have a high quantity of Feminine Hygiene Waste that needs to be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way.

One of our key commitments is to ensure that we fully comply with all relevant legislation. Also, we are insistent that our partner companies have the same ethos as we do, &, as a minimum, have undertaken the ISO 1401 Environmental compliance.

See Plant illustration of WtE process (Attached)

What are the benefits of using the High Temperature Clinical Waste Incinerator?
Our waste is incinerated at Grundon WtE facility in Reading, just off the M25.

The type of waste we collect can take over 200 years to decompose.  COST Per TONNE:-

Approx. £190.00 WtE and £90.00 Landfill.

We overcome the obvious cost implications by operating our services with a ‘Liner Service’ NOT a bins swap service, so that only one bin is needed per cubicle as the liner is removed, changed for a clean fresh one and the whole unit is treated with anti-bacteria solution, sanitised and left as fresh and new.  The alternative with most other companies is to swap units to therefore adding to capital costs.

Grundon operate their WtE facility with strict environmental permits and are subject to stringent inspection.



In a nut shell….. we collect the waste and take it to Reading. We then tip into the combustion chamber.  The chamber produces heat to 1000 degrees and this heat drives steam turbines that generate electricity back onto the National Grid.

The ‘Bottom Ash’ that is produced is transformed into aggregate and used to make ‘road surface and roof tiles, Helping the environment further by reducing raw aggregate extraction.  Most other WtE facilities send their Bottom Ash to landfill, Grundon do not.

The only residue that is not used constructively and environmentally at present is the Flue residue and the detritus left over in the Gas Filters.  Currently this is sent to Hazardous waste landfill   under stringent controls, so as to ensure that the operation has minimal impact on the local environment. The landfill is operated in compliance with permit BU 3671IY, which is regulated by the Environment Agency.


The waste that Liberty Hygiene sends to WtE on average, provides enough energy to power 1500 homes per annum. ( these figures are an average and were obtained from a calculation obtained from the WtE plant)


As a business, we are encouraging the following from our suppliers and the companies we ‘partner’ with.

Minimising packaging &

Minimising environmental impact with carbon footprints

As a company, we are ourselves, looking into company service vehicles that are energy efficient and when these vehicles are able to be driven over 120 miles in a single charge, our re-chargable fleet will be rolled out.

Currently, all vehicles are tracked and all routes are meticulously planned so save time, and fuel. (and for proof of service should there ever be any issues).



We are exploring the many various options for offsetting our Carbon Footprint via Fuel Card that enable reforestation in Kenya or Bio Mass Boilers in Asia.  Currently we are helping our localized area with tree planting in association with a local primary school.

We have no Air Conditioning in our offices – Purely for environmental reasons.

We recycle Plastic, Paper, and Batteries

There are no emails printed off unless absolutely necessary.  All Invoices and Quotations are sent electronically.

Since the implementation of the iPad system (where the emails and instructions sent to our drivers are now sent electronically), we have reduced the paper used companywide by approx. 95%, from approximately 9000 pages of paper used per month, to under 400 per month.


This is a relatively new project that we are more than happy to be involved with.  It was presented to us at a recent I.W.S.A. meeting (Independent Washroom Services Association, made up of smaller companies with the same ethos as Liberty and enable us to all provide Nationwide coverage).

We Have sponsored the construction of a toilet block in a school in Bangladesh and a toilet in a village in Guatemala so far.  This is a little know charity that we are passionate about as 2.4 BILLION people worldwide do not have access to a safe environment to go to the toilet……….

Toilet Twinning Provides education and facilities to the poorest of people throughout the world.  Many of these people are not even aware of the connection between Good Sanitation. Diarrhea, and DEATH…..

We are encouraging our Partner Companies to sponsor this charity AND we are asking our customer to Sponsor the Toilets too.

£60.00 provides a single toilet.

£240.00 provides a toilet block.

We have only just partnered with this company and are looking forward to making a huge positive impact.


We honestly believe that our company Liberty Hygiene is leading the way in environmental responsibility through the Wash Room industry.  Our waste is incinerated and produces positive by products, our plastic, paper and batteries are recycled as are the all of our refillable products such as Air Fresh Systems and Soap Dispensers.  The changes we are bringing on board and our standard operating procedures, will lead to all of the above procedures being taken and used as ‘Normal’ within the industry.

Many of our current customers such as The Gherkin, Lloyds of London, Principle Cleaning, London Southend Airport, Claridges, and Windsor Castle insist on the business model we adopt.